Yulu’s Coal

Author: Liz Thompson, Noel Wilton
Photography: Liz Thompson
Pages: First edition © 2011
24 p. : 21.5 x 28.5 cm.
Language: Adnyamathanha, English
Publisher: Pearson Library

ISBN10: 1442541237
ISBN13: 978-1442541238

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This story is from Adnyamathanha Country in the Northern Flinders Ranges. Senior Adnyamathanha Cultural Custodian Noel Wilton and Cliff Coulthard, chose to share an important Adnyamathanha Creation story ‘ Yulu’s Coal’. Traditionally spoken in Adnyamathanha language it is told here in both English and Adnyamathanha, language work by Noel Wilton and Terrence Coulthard. All illustrations were produced by First Nations young people at Leigh Creek Area School in Leigh Creek.